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  Birds in the vents are one of the more common calls we get in the spring and fall of the year. Around the middle of March, birds start pairing and mating. Soon after, the female bird gets the urge to "nest" and looks to find a suitable place to lay her eggs. Your vent IS a very secure place for her. This can be a very noisy time for you in the home as you hear constant moving in your vent, scratching and vocalizations. When you get to this point its time to, GET THEM OUT, QUICK, BEFORE THE BABIES ARRIVE!

Birds in my chimney
Bird Control

Call Valley Pest Services. We offer:
  • Bird Location & Assessment
  • Our trained technicians will locate the birds’ entry points and describe or show them to you.
  • We will then assess the best method of removal depending on where they are located.
  • Effective Bird Removal
  • We will humanely remove the birds as well as all of the nesting material. If older babies are present, they will be able to fly away.
  • If younger babies cannot fly, we may install a baby box near the previous nest, allowing them to mature and fly away or relocate to alternate nesting sites.
  • Guaranteed Bird Exclusion

Our wildlife technicians will seal all the potential openings in your building with heavy gauge wire screening and/or clear silicone caulking. All materials used to exclude birds are of the highest quality and are guaranteed for at least three years. Wall vent screens are guaranteed for ten years.

Bird Removal
Pigeon Control and Removal

Our wildlife technicians are specially trained to remove birds and their nests humainly and prevent undue stress or injury to them. This is also a practical and economical approach. Inhumane killing and the use of pesticides for bird control is illegal. Also, removing breeding birds leaves the babies to die in your building, attracting parasites and causing further health risks. The removal of bird carcasses is a time consuming, costly and unnecessary process. Our focus on education and prevention makes us a leader in the wildlife control industry.

We also offer Commercial Bird Proofing including netting, bird spikes, electrical track and other commercial bird product installation. Call our office for details 703-881-3170.
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